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Traugel - a remedy for joint diseases

joint pain causes

With each generation, the Earth's population becomes less and less healthy. Medicine is moving forward in leaps and bounds, saving more and more lives, and you no longer need to have iron health to survive. Diseases that used to occur only in the elderly are rapidly rejuvenating. Excess weight, digestive problems, joint diseases, all this is faced by many young people, many of them have not even crossed the threshold of adulthood.

According to statistics, more than thirty percent of the world's population has joint problems. This is due to poor ecology, a large amount of chemicals in food, lack of physical activity. Cartilage tissue, which does not receive enough nutrition, begins to deform and destroy, and inflammation begins in the joint bag. But the unique composition of Traugel will quickly help relieve pain, relieve inflammation and restore mobility.

Risk group

First of all, joint diseases overtake people whose profession is related to high physical loads: athletes, loaders, dancers. Also, inflammation of the joints can lead to injuries, sprains. This leads to premature aging of tissues, limited mobility. This is accompanied by pain and can lead to disability in the long term. The most common joint diseases at the moment are arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, bursitis, sciatica.

How to recognize joint disease

There can be several main symptoms of degenerative joint damage depending on the disease that caused this inflammation.

Action Traugel

Traugel - an innovative joint repair drug

The innovative Traugel formula has been developed by experts over 4 years. The medicine does not damage the liver and the central nervous system, due to the natural composition and the absence of chemical ingredients. The action is complex:

  1. Fast pain-relieving effect after the first application.
  2. Fights inflammation, relieves swelling and puffiness.
  3. It starts the regeneration of cartilage and bone, normalizes the amount of synovial fluid in the joint. This brings mobility back.
  4. Removes salt deposits from the joints and prevents their formation.
  5. Promotes the elimination of toxic substances.
Traugel rapid joint recovery agent has an excellent preventive effect and helps to prevent joint diseases before they occur.

Explore Traugel

The gel was tested on 2000 patients with various joint diseases. 98% of patients confirmed the rapid analgesic and therapeutic effect of the drug, their mobility was restored. The gel is produced in accordance with the requirements of the European Union, its quality is confirmed by numerous European certificates.

Advantages of Traugel

Among the competitors, the medicine for restoring the joints stands out, which only temporarily relieves the symptoms, but does not fight the cause of the disease. The synergistic action of the components not only fights the symptoms, but also eliminates the cause of the disease itself. The gel allows you to restore cartilage tissue and restore full joint mobility, and the absence of synthetic substances in the composition guarantees the absence of side effects. The combination of a fast and massive effect with an affordable price makes Traugel the number 1 drug for joint diseases in Romania.

The composition of the joint recovery gel

Sea urchin extract in Traugel

Due to the fact that the components of the preparation are processed by enzymatic hydrolysis, their natural properties are preserved during the processing and production of the gel. Here is the list of ingredients in the gel:

Traugel is an indispensable tool both in the treatment of joint diseases and for the prevention of injuries during heavy physical exertion, sports.

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Doctor's review

Doctor Orthopedist Nicolae Galmeanu Nicolae Galmeanu
18 years
Today there is only one tool for rapid joint recovery - Traugel. The effectiveness of the product is difficult to overestimate, the gel very quickly restores cartilage tissue, relieves pain and relieves inflammation. there are no analogues of this medicine in Romania. I recommend it for injuries and various diseases that cause degenerative joint damage.